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Increase your revenue stream with the New & Revolutionary products in the KUPA Eco System. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity.


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What is the KUPA Eco System?

The KUPA Eco System is a NEW revenue stream that features products that provide the Nail Technician the versatility to choose their personal style. Be one of the first ones to offer these amazing products to your store. More products will be available this year. We have exclusive deals prepared for you so schedule an appointment to meet with Sara at Cosmoprof today.  Call 800-994-5872 or email:

The matching Color Jacket

We call these Kupa Color Jackets. Kupa now allows you to change the color of your electric nail file as you change your mood, your fashion or your spa decor. You are able to purchase the color you want from a variety of Passport Plus Color Jacket accessories with even more launching in the future.

The stylish matching lamp

The color accessories are interchangeable to match your MANIPro Passport Plus, your fashion or spa color. Plus, the MANIPro Glo is powered by the MANIPro Power cell. That means you can take your lamp with cords.

The MANIPro® Power Cell

The Lithium-Ion battery only takes a few hours of charging time from drained to fully charged in our Smart Dock. However, it does not matter because you can work while charging.  The most exciting part? If you damage your battery or drop it in a foot bath (for some reason), now... YOU can easily replace the battery.

MANIPro Smart Pedal

Kupa Passport Plus is the first and only electric nail file to utilize Bluetooth wireless technology. True portability is achieved with the addition of the Kupa Smart Pedal, a wireless device to drive your Passport Plus.

Introducing the NEW

Inspiration. Beauty. Luxury. Fashion. Function.

  • Bluetooth Communication with Foot Pedal
  • Inter-Changeable Custom Color Jacket as an Accessory
  • Fully Digital Controller
  • Lithium Ion Power Cell Battery
  • Comes Standard with KP-60 Handpiece
  • Plus more features, check out the MANIPro Passport Plus

Everyday you choose beauty. You choose function, style and the tools that make it all possible. What if some days you want to add a hint of femininity? Maybe, sometimes you wake up, and you feel flirty with a bit of an edge. Feel free to sport an energetic vibe. Feel free to be you and we’ll take care of the rest. Whatever it is, we want to give you the freedom to decide. Don’t let your e-file define you, you define your e-file.

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