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Everyday you choose beauty. You choose function, style and the tools that make it all possible. What if some days you want to add a hint of femininity? Maybe, sometimes you wake up, and you feel flirty with a bit of an edge. Feel free to sport an energetic vibe. Feel free to be you and we’ll take care of the rest. Whatever it is, we want to give you the freedom to decide. Don’t let your e-file define you, you define your e-file.

Introducing MANIPro Passport® Plus.

Watch the Color Me Curious Keynote (May 29th, 2019)

Digital Electric Nail File

Kupa Passport Plus is the first and only Digital Electrical Nail File. The switch and dials of the analog machines have been replaced with LED displays and soft touch controls.

Digital Controller

  • Soft Touch Controls
  • LED Display
  • Power & Pause
  • Navigation Ring controls forward, reverse, speed and Bluetooth.

8 Speed Indicator Bars 

4,000 RPM (Start) 

30,000 RPM (Maximum) 

Power / Forward / Reverse

Battery Life


Digital Controller & Smart Dock Video.

Smart Dock

The Passport Plus is rechargeable and comes with the revolutionary Smart Dock.


Use while recharging your
Passport Plus with the revolutionary

Smart Dock

With technology advancements, you now are able to continue to use the Passport Plus while charging it. The new upright docking design reduces the dedicated space on your table. Careful thought and design went into the Smart Dock.

LED display on the top of the digital controller is replicated on the front of the Smart Dock enabling you to easily see all of your work functions at an easy glance while using your electric nail file and simultaneously charging.

The fit and angle of the digital controller in the Smart Dock has been carefully thought out to keep it secure from pulls on the Handpiece while working.

Kupa Passport Plus is the first and only electric nail file to utilize Bluetooth wireless technology. True portability is achieved with the addition of the Kupa Smart Pedal, a wireless device to drive your Passport Plus.

First and only electric nail file to utilize Bluetooth wireless technology.

Freedom & Mobility

  • Simply pair the Smart Pedal to the Passport Plus
  • Move from table to foot bath and back to table with freedom and mobility

Bluetooth & Smart Pedal Video

Color Jacket

Another exciting new feature is what could be making you Color Curious. Welcome to, do it yourself color customization of your Passport Plus.

MANIPro Passport Plus
available in Black, Silver or White

Black  (standard with Red Color Jacket)

Silver (standard with Black Color Jacket)

White (standard with Purple Color Jacket)

You can customize your Color Jackets

We call these Kupa Color Jackets. Kupa now allows you to change the color of your electric nail file as you change your mood, your fashion or your spa decor. You are able to purchase the color you want from a variety of Passport Plus Color Jacket accessories with even more launching in the future.

Color Jacket & Power Cell Video

MANIPro® Power Cell

The Lithium-Ion battery only takes a few hours of charging time from drained to fully charged in our Smart Dock. However, it does not matter because you can work while charging.  The most exciting part? If you damage your battery or drop it in a foot bath (for some reason), now... YOU can easily replace the battery.


Included with the Passport Plus is the KP-60 Handpiece.

KP-60 Handpiece

  • Sleek, lightweight and vibration free design fits comfortably in your hand.
  • High torque so you are able to do more grinding without the need for high speeds.
  • Standard 3/32” shank electric file bits will fit the Kupa KP-60.

The KP-60 Handpiece

Belt Clip

Portability means a safe and secure way to fasten the Passport Plus to your waistband. Our Belt Clip is attached to the Digital

Controller. This is important to prevent any risk of dropping the machine.

Scratch Resistant Holster

The Scratch Resistant Holster with stainless steel insert protects your KP-60 during mobility as well. The stainless insert will prevent scratches when holstering the Handpiece while a carbide bit is in it.

Belt Clip and Scratch Resistant Holster

MANIPro Passport® Plus

  • Digital Controller (Your choice of Black, White or Silver)
  • Smart Dock with Dust Cover
  • Power Cell
  • KP-60 Handpiece
  • Scratch Resistant Holster
  • Power Cord with 110/220 Euro Attachment



Smart Pedal Plus

  • Smart Pedal with Bluetooth technology (will only connect wirelessly with the MANIPro Passport Plus)



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